Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Moving update and random musings!

Busy, busy, busy... the lists are long and the time is short! 

Good news! The current tenants have moved out of the house and this weeks starts the remodeling process on our new place. After a few visits to the house and talking things through we have come out with a remodeling plan that is a bit more extensive than we had originally planned on, but I'm excited with all of the changes we are making.  We just stopped over last night to measure things and I took a bunch of before shots of the inside so I'll do another post with those images and a recap on what changes we made. If all goes according to plan we will be moving in the 2nd week of April!  Praying we don't get into too many hangups during the process. 

Packing is now the #1 on thing on the list.  I really do not enjoy this process so I'm trying to stick to packing a couple boxes a day and go from there.  We still have a little bit of leeway with time so I'm trying to get as much done as possible before its crunch time.

I'm trying to still stick to posting once a week, but as you may have noticed that has not been the case. So I'm posting as I have time and will try and keep things updated with the many exciting changes going on. With that said, here are some random musing and interesting finds from the internet over the past week. 

Have you tried Chobani's blood orange yogurt? Its my current favorite flavor!

Did you know H&M has a home line? They have some really cute things, one of my favorites are these little mini vases, I'll probably end up getting some for the new place!

I've tried making brussels sprouts before but I just didn't think I liked them... then I found this recipe and tried it out last week!  It was a hit :)  Piper and Matt even liked it!

Have you ever tried Zevia? Its soda, but doesn't have all the chemical and crap in it that the big brands have. I've tried their lemon-lime, and ginger root beer so far.  Found them at Giant in the health food section, not bad.

If the moon was one pixel.

7 and 50 year historical and economical rhymes (make sure you start at the beginning or it might not make sense)

Do you have good typing days? Some days (not today) I feel exceptionally good at typing and then feel inspired to try a typing test to see if I've improved my WPM. Most times I end up just getting frustrated that I can't type faster, or my competitive side comes out and I keep taking the test over and over again to try and beat my last score.... am I the only one that does this?

Thats all for now... hope you have a great day!

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