Saturday, March 29, 2014

BEFORE Pictures of the Farmhouse

We are full swing into demo and remodeling at the farmhouse.  I went in before all the work started and snapped some before pics that I'll share with you today. These are just of the downstairs.  I'll post about the upstairs a bit later. 

We originally planned on just doing flooring and paint throughout the entire house, but as you can see its turned into a much larger project.  We are now pulling out the incredibly steep and narrow stairs and replacing them with a new set so you can actually walk up them normally.  We are tearing out the textured ceilings and walls in the downstairs and redrywalling.  While we have the walls and ceilings ripped out we are running some new wires to add lighting that was somewhat lacking throughout the space. 

Ripping out the stairs caused some clearance issues for your head once the new stairs are in so we are ripping out the small hallway to the bathroom upstairs and putting in a new door the to the upstairs bathroom out the other side. (more on this later with pictures)

Right now the house is demoed (is that actually a word?  looks totally funky but I'm going with it) and the new electrical is going in this week.  Drywallers come in next week, the painters come in the following week.  And last but not least the flooring goes in after all of that is done.  We had to bump our move date back a week but we are now planning on moving in the 3rd week of April, just in time for Easter!  :)

Well... enough talking lets get to the pictures!

When you walk through the front door this is what you see:

The wall that we will be removing leads into the kitchen, since we are pulling the stairs out to the dining room we needed another entrance.

The breakfast nook is right off the kitchen, you also have our second front door there on the right, and then it also connects to the family room you see below. 

Whew... are you tired yet, cause I am :)  and then we have the upstairs yet! haha

Anyways, I'm glad things are started and everything is going well.  I'm so excited to see it all finished and get to finally move in! 

stay tuned... more to come!

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