Wednesday, October 23, 2013

:: 9 months ::

Say what?! She's nine months already!! Life around the Gibbel household just keeps on moving and so does this little girl, here's what she's been up to this past month!

-Her new favorite thing is climbing the stairs :/
-She took her first wobbly step the other day! She is still very quick though to grab your hands and take a stroll around the house.  This is another one of her most preferred activities and often has my back aching from bending over so much! :)
-She is starting to eat more and more non baby foods. (bananas, pears, grapes, avocado) They still have to be really soft for her to eat them but she loves feeding herself and will stuff as much food in her mouth as possible if you give her the chance.  
-She loves to dance and jump up and down.  Even when I'm holding her on my hip, if she gets excited she will bounce up and down, its really cute!
-We've mastered sitting in the grocery carts when grocery shopping and have even started to reach for things, especially when in the checkout lane! haha
-She LOVES books!  Sometimes I'll be in the kitchen and it gets quiet so I go to check on her and she's pulled all her books off the bookshelf and is laying on the floor looking at them!
-She loves ceiling fans and will wave at them every time she sees one, occasionally we can get her to wave goodbye as well!
-When she is really focused on doing something she will stick her little tongue out!
-My hand weights are right next to all of her toys and are usually one of the first things she goes for!  Already doing workouts!

All is all she is such a joy to be around!  She makes me laugh everyday and when she see's me laughing she will join in which makes me laugh even more!  Couldn't imagine living life without her, and can't believe how big she is getting!   Enjoy the pictures :)

 She loves standing at the window in the kitchen holding the blind pulls!

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  1. Great update on your sweet little girl. Ken and Pam