Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How $2.12 made my day!

Hey guys! Today I'm sharing with you two little quick solutions that I'm pretty excited about.  Yup, that's right, I spent a total of $2.12 and it totally made my day! Its amazing how the little things can make a really big difference. 

There is this one spot on my kitchen counter that just drives me crazy.  It's the spot where our bread and onions, and potatoes, and a whole other assortment of random items collect.  (This picture is a tamed down version of what it usually is.)  Most of the items have other homes but just end up collecting there, however the one thing I haven't found a home for yet were my onions.  They would wind up floating around the kitchen and they just never looked nice.  So this morning I woke up and decided I was going to do something about it.  I remembered I had bought some cute wire baskets from the dollar store before to help organize in other parts of the house and I realized one of those baskets would work perfectly for my onions.  It would keep them in a designated spot, and even though they would still be on the countertop it would look a little better than my current solution. Less mess on my counter top means more space to work with, and when you have VERY limited counter space, this feels like heaven! (ok, so maybe heaven is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea!)

Nightstands... I've never been great a keeping my nightstand looking good.  It always ends up being a collection spot for all sorts of random things. As you can see below I have an assortment of loose jewelry, hair ties and bobby pins, an eraser?!, chapstick, glasses... etc.  I had recently read here, about another bloggers solution to her closet, and realized this morning I could do something similar on my nightstand!  I found these cute little red ramekins at the dollar store, they were packaged 3 for a dollar, so I snatched them right up.  I only used two of them, one has all my loose jewelry and the other has my hair ties and bobby pins.  I  stacked them on top of one another once they were filled because lets face it, when do bobby pins and hair ties ever look attractive?

So there you have it!  I spent $2.12 and I solved two problem areas that have been bugging me for quite some time.  Hope you feel inspired to do the same!  What areas do you have that just drive you crazy?


Want to see another one of my dollar store finds?  Check it out here.

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