Tuesday, August 27, 2013

:: 7.5 months ::

I'm so bummed that her eye's aren't in focus on this one cause I absolutely love it, and I love that you can see her little teeth as well!
I missed posting right away this month so Piper is now 7.5 months old, and boy have we taken some leaps!

This girl is a go getter.  Almost as soon as she learned how to crawl she figured out how to pull herself up as well.  While she was quite wobbly for a couple days, and had a decent amount of wipe outs, she's successfully figured out how to pull herself up and safely let herself back down again.  That is, however, not counting the attempts to pull herself up on unstable objects, such as my yoga mat, a watering can, and a big pack of toilet paper from costco, just to name a few. All of which give way and I turn to see her flailing in attempts to regain her balance, this sometimes ends well, other times it doesn't, all of which make my heart stop a tiny bit as I watch it happen and quickly respond to her cries of pain or shock!

As I'm writing this she is literally working up a sweat climbing up the chair I'm sitting on, huffing and babbling, and opening and closing our desk drawers!  Lets just say I have some more baby proofing to do :)

Whats new this month?
-She is now making the b and d sounds, where before it was more r's and m's... babababa dadada
-She gives me a high five if I hold out my hand in front of her!
-She is eating food twice a day most days
-She's stopped taking a bottle, and she has started taking a sippy, although it mostly looks like her chewing on the tip instead of drinking out of it!
-She has both of her bottom teeth through :)
-When I go to get her up from  her naps she is now standing in  her crib waiting for me!

I've also realized how tough it is to take pictures of mobile babies!  Definitely glad I'm not a children's photographer.  In the past months its been pretty easy to snap a couple good pictures, this month however, was a different story!   I did snag a few that work though... here they are!

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