Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My New Hairstyle

So if you remember a little bit ago I asked you guys for help picking out my new hairstyle. The results came back with an obvious winner, garnering 55% percent of the votes the hairstyle you choose for me was #2! 

At first I was still unsure if this was the way to go.  Part of me wanted to go with style #1, but in the end I realized that I didn't want to stay with short hair for the long run and it would take FOREVER for my hair to grow back out after that cut!  (and that's coming from someone whose hair grows fast!) So working around vacations and other plans I finally scheduled my appointment and got my hair cut this past weekend, I'm so excited to show you the results!  

Here's a the before and after shot

So I'm not in love with these pictures but you get the idea!  I really love the cut!  Its really easy to work with and doesn't take long to style either!  BONUS :) 

One of the first comments out of my husbands mouth was.  "YES!  Now I don't have to hear you saying "ow, you're on my hair" all the time!" :)  Needless to say it was more frequent than not that he would put his arm around me, or roll over in bed, and somehow end up unintentionally pulling my hair, to which I would exclaim, "ow, you're on my hair."  But not anymore!

So what do you think?  You like it?!  Thanks for helping me pick out a style, it was kinda fun! :)

After Matt snapped my after shot above, I was messing around with the camera taking pictures of myself in the reflection of the door to our porch, and this happened.  I thought it was kinda fun so enjoy!

Until next time...

Stay classy,


  1. I love your long hair, but I have to admit that the short one suits you better. Getting a new hair cut gives us that feeling that we are in control of things, which in turn makes us feel more confident and beautiful. Wouldn't you agree? :)
    Kim @ Charisma for Hair

  2. That kind of short hair is kind of hard to maintain, but I hope you are doing well taming the flyaway. You may need the service of your blower and taming serum quite a lot if you don’t want make it look unruly. Lucky for you, you seemed to have a tamer hair than the rest. Nice look, btw. Susie =)

  3. You’re looking great, Monica. The haircut emphasized the shape of your face, and it complements the glasses too. It has probably grown out now. Do you plan to cut it again? Tamara at Hairworx Etc