Thursday, May 30, 2013

A weekend at the cabin...

We traveled out to Bedford County with my family this past weekend to take advantage of the long memorial day weekend. My family has grown quite rapidly over the past few years, with new spouses and a new grandchild we no longer fit in the cabin we used to go to.  We did the beach in January two years in a row and then tried a lake house last year in the fall, so we decided to mix it up again this year and try out the cabin in the spring. My aunt and uncle own the property and renovated the old farm house and spring kitchen that were on the land. It's really quite beautiful. With the first sweltering week just under our belts, the weekend was actually pretty chilly and lent itself to sweatshirts and coats.  The weather was perfect though.  I'll leave you with some pictures from the weekend!

The guys all got out the golf gear to practice their driving skills

The first day there was pretty windy so we pulled out the kites!

Day 2, the guys all headed out for a round of golf, so the girls pulled out some crafts and such.... and the aunts all crowed around the sink to give Piper a bath!

We ended the day with a bonfire up on the hill!  Absolutely beautiful!

The next morning we all headed back up to the fire pit, but this time pulled out the chairs to watch the boys play quoits... and read, grad papers, and play with Pipes.

And then the golf balls made another appearance.

All in all it was a great weekend.  Its always fun to spend time with the family and relax. 


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