Wednesday, June 19, 2013

:: 5 months ::

This was the month it really hit me, she is growing up fast! Before she would make slight changes within a month but I feel like now I can see noticeable changes on a weekly basis! Its quite amazing how quickly they learn and adapt to new things!  I am absolutely LOVING this stage.  She is so much fun to play with, super responsive, and just a pure delight.  There are no words to describe how precious she is! :)

Whats new things have we learned this past month?

-She can officially roll over both ways although tends to get stuck on her stomach and not remember how to roll back over.  The beginning of the month this happened more frequently and it happened a lot a night too which meant she was waking up a lot, frustrated because she was on her stomach.

-Sit me up!  When you try and hold her cradle style she always tries to sit up!  She can't sit by herself yet but this is definitely her position of choice. We officially pulled out the exersaucer, thanks to Aunt Beth, and she loves it! I was just watching her play in it yesterday and was amazed at how she had figured out the toys already.  She knew how to spin the rattle and turn the driving wheel, etc.  When I had first put her in a week or so ago she was just trying to stick everything in her mouth!  That still is the case but a least she's gotten the hang of it!

-She knows how to stick her nuk in her mouth by herself! This has made nap time and night time so much nicer.  She still inadvertently throws it across the crib when it gets stuck on her hand, and then she can't find it, but if its laying in front of her she can pick it up and figure out how to get it into her mouth right side up!  Its fun to watch her figure it out, it usually takes a couple tries but she's got it down!

-She's definitely changed up her schedule a bit this month, dropping a nap during the day and staying up much longer in the evening.  She is also going longer in between feedings which is nice as well. All in all I get to hang out with her more and that is always fun!

There are a bunch of other little things, but I'll spare you all the details and give you some pictures instead!

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  1. She has changed so much!!! She is still as cute as a button. I am glad that you are loving being a mom and are capturing all of those great moments. Be blessed!