Wednesday, May 15, 2013

:: 4 months ::

Another month has flown by and here we are celebrating 4 months already!  This past month, Piper, you have grown so much.  You are no longer an infant anymore, you are a full on baby! :) 

After figuring out you had hands last month, now you've figured out you can use them!  You've started grabbing everything in sight.  Your changing table has slats on the side just like your crib and  you love to grab ahold of them while we are changing your diaper.  We then have to pry your little hands off when we are finished.  Your play gym has a little orange giraffe hanging from the top and you love tugging on his legs, so much so that the play gym starts to bend because you are trying to get him into your mouth!

Speaking of your mouth, its been leaking a lot of fluid lately, aka drool!  We are not seeing any teeth yet, however I suspect they are coming very soon.  You love to put whatever you can grab in your mouth and chew on it.  Mostly this just consists of your hands but I'm sure in the coming weeks there will be plenty of other things finding their way in there.

You love being bounced up and down, so much so that you've started to giggle a little bit when doing so!  I'm still waiting for that full belly laugh but I absolutely love to hear any kind of giggle come out of that little mouth of yours!

And guess what... you are starting to move!  I can't set you down in on place anymore and expect that you will be in the exact same spot when I return.  The one night you woke up crying and I went to put your nuk back in but it took a while to find your face.  You feet were occupying the place where you face had been when we put you to bed!  You like laying on your side now to go to sleep.  You roll over with your hands covering your eyes and your feet straight out in front of you.  So far I've only seen you roll over completely onto your stomach once, but I'm sure that will be happening much more this coming month.

Piper, I can't even begin to express how absolutely precious and pleasant you are, there are no words that come close!  You have made our lives so much brighter, we love you dear girl!  This past weekend I got to celebrate my very first Mother's Day, and I am so proud to get the privilege of being your mom!


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