Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Honest Eyes

I love glasses, they are like an extra accessory, and who doesn't love accessories?!  My last pair of glasses I bought four years ago and ended up spending WAY more than I was anticipating.  I got caught in one of the deals eye wear companies throw out, you know, the ones where they advertise frames for $99 but then when you get there only the ugly ones are actually $99.   So when all was said and done I ended up spending I think close to $500 on frames and lenses.  They were designer name frames but still I didn't enjoy the huge dent left in my wallet. 

So when I went to get my eyes checked earlier this year my prescription had changed enough that it warranted getting some new eye wear, I was excited and slightly annoyed at the same time.  I was definitely not looking forward to the process of picking out and paying for new glasses.  I was discussing my frustration with Matt the one night and debating on where to go, when he said, "You should check out that place that advertised in Fig Magazine this month."  "That place" was Honest Eyes.

Absolutely love them!  I made an appointment and went to their shop to meet with Taralee.  She was so nice and really helpful.  She helped me narrow down the style and shape of frames that worked well on my face.  It was the shortest and most enjoyable experience I've ever had in a frame shop! I love it when sales people actually figure out what you want and help you find it as opposed to trying to push products on you, it makes the whole experience that much more fun! I ended up getting two frames, one for everyday, and one for when I'm feeling a little more spunky! The cost of both frames plus lenses were about half of what I had paid for my previous glasses.  I was thrilled! If you are in the market for glasses and live in the Lancaster area, I would absolutely recommend Honest Eyes! 

So what do you think, do you like my new frames?  Have you had any bad experiences with buying glasses?  Do share I would love to hear about it!



  1. Based on your recommendation I went to see Taralee over at Honest Eyes. Such a great experience, she was extremely helpful. I actually wound up going with the first pair of frames she chose for me, but it was so great to see everything that was out there, and figure out why I should settle on the ones she suggested. I feel great. I think I look great. And I'm seeing better than I ever have through a pair of glasses.

    Definitely going back when it's time for sunglasses. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Awesome Brent! Glad I could help out! I'll have to stop by and check them out! :)