Wednesday, April 17, 2013

:: 3 months ::

This past weekend was a whirlwind of activities.  I started back at work on Thursday and Friday, we had family in from out of town for a wedding which meant a couple different family gatherings, we spent time with friends, and amongst all the commotion my baby turned three months old!  I quick snapped these shots between naps on Saturday while she was happy!  Running around like crazy is a sure way to throw off her schedule so it was a bit rough for her this weekend but she dealt with it like a champ!

Her personality is coming out more and more these days, it's so much fun to watch!  She is quite the social little lady, just like her dad! You get her in front of people (granted she's not tired or hungry) and she'll talk her little heart out!  She sounds like a little bird sometimes with her high pitched chirps, makes me smile just thinking about it!

Bedtime has gotten so much better than it had been. She hardly fusses anymore once we lay her down. At 8 weeks she started sleeping through the night consistently, and I could not be happier!

She just started trying to sit up when I have her on her back.  She'll pull her head and shoulders off the ground like she's doing a seems really early for her to be trying to sit up on her own but that doesn't seem to phase her!  Her favorite position is standing, probably because it gives her the best view of her surroundings, and she likes to stomp her right foot too!

Mostly we just laugh at the funny things she does and the faces she makes.  We end most evenings saying to eachother, "how she is so amazing?" I'm absolutely loving this stage, sometimes I wish time would just stand still so I can take it all in a little longer but I know each stage to come will be just as fun and exciting!

She is such a blessing! 

"check please!"


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  1. Monica, she is just precious!