Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why are you so BLUE?

Photography has always been something that's interested me, but outside of my photography classes I haven't been the greatest a keeping my camera close by to get those great shots I always dream about.  I always have my excuses.  I don't want to lug that thing around.  Its just not convenient.  It cost a lot of money I don't want it to get stolen when I'm out and about so I'll just leave it at home.  I'll feel weird whipping my camera out all the time to take pictures, or people might think I'm invasive.  And the list can go on and on.   But recently at work we've started some common interest groups, one of them being photography.  At Nxtbook we are well endowed with talented photographers so its awesome to be able to sit down and talk photography with all of them!  We've started bi-weekly assignments for ourselves to keep us challenged and continually shooting.  The first assignment was BLUE!  We started a facebook group that everyone could post up to three of their best shots.  These are the two that I shot that made it to facebook.

I love blue glass and a friend of mine actually collects it so I asked her if I could borrow some of her pieces to photograph.  So a BIG THANKS goes to Gail for providing the subject matter.  Overall it was a lot of fun and I'm totally looking forward to the next assignment.  I'll make sure to post the pictures here as well for you all to see!

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