Monday, February 13, 2012

Jennifer's Bridal Shower

My older sister is getting married!! :D  I'm so excited for her, the big day is March 17th and it is coming up SO fast!  Last weekend we had the pleasure of throwing her a surprise bridal shower.  I thought for sure she had figured it out but to my surprise (and hers) she didn't even have an inkling!  *pat on the back*  I've decided that while I like planning parties, surprise parties are not my thing!  Way to much stress.  My plan A was a bust so at the last minute we were trying to scrape up some semblance of a plan B.  A BIG thanks goes to Shannon for stepping it up and getting her to the church without having to spill the beans :D  As the MOH I ran the show but then also tried to step aside and snap some pics along the way.  Thanks to my other trusty bridesmaids we had some great food and a couple little games to go along with opening the presents.   I didn't get a picture of the stack of presents but I think they are well on their way to setting up house!

SURPRISE!!  As soon as she saw us she turned around and ran back out to the car to fix her hair, but we thought she was running away so we all followed her! Haha


My lovely younger sister Rochelle did all the recording for Jennifer 
After the shower was over Jennifer and Shannon decided to let the balloons go outside of the church

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