Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tomato Sandwiches

For dinner tonight we had one of my favorites...tomato sandwiches.  If you have never eaten a tomato sandwich I would strongly encourage you to try one!  This is one of my go to meals for a week night dinner when I don't have time for something involved or I'm just looking for a light meal.  (and my husband loves it!)  Its quick, easy and delicious :D  and I usually always have the ingredients on hand....

Tomato Sandwich
-freshly sliced tomato
-sliced onion
-salt and pepper
-sliced cheese of your choice
-mayo or a light salad dressing (we use Neuman's Own,  Family Italian I think is what its called!  delish)

Assemble with desired quantities!  I usually stick with an open faced sandwich, not a huge fan of piling on the bread but my husband disagrees.

One of my new approaches to dinners is just to keep it simple.  I always feel like I have to make this big elaborate meal for some reason... I'm learning its ok to do light and simple.

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