Friday, January 8, 2016

The Start of a New Year, Hallelujah!

Life has felt very undisciplined and quite frustrating lately, and after two really weird unfocused years when it comes to goals, I'm ready to get back into a routine and get things done!  I feel like I've heard more people bashing goals and resolutions this year than previous years, but I don't care, I really love goals and the way they push you to be better at life!   This year I want to get re-organized and uncomfortable!  Here are a few things that I'm putting into motion in 2016!

FINANCES: After paying off our debt in 2013. We kinda got a bit lazy in our budgeting.  We had been reining it in for so long it was nice to chill out for a bit.  What I thought might be a 3-6 month relaxation on the budget, turned into 2 years! Yikes!  Don't worry we were still keeping a budget, we just could have been doing a better job at it!

GOAL: So in 2016 we want to save $12,000 by June and start paying off our house before the end of the year. (I think i just lost my breathe when I typed that!  This is the goal that makes me nervous, we will definitely be looking for "fat" in the budget to make this happen!)

FITNESS: This year I'm turning 30 in June!  I'm excited and a bit scared too, if I'm being honest.  Since graduating from college, sitting at a desk job for 5 years and having two kids within 17 months of each other, I've gained about 30 extra pounds.  I'm really ready to not be carrying those pounds around anymore.  While losing weight is great its not my absolute goal, I really just want to feel better, not be tired all the time, increase my energy, and find a healthy lifestyle including food choices and fitness that works for my life.

GOAL: Lose 30 by 30!

FIELD: My home is my workplace. It's going on two years in April since we've moved and I think its about time to finally finish getting everything organized and in place. I've also been wanting to get back into blogging.  I had been blogging pretty consistently for a while but then got out of the habit probably after Toby was born.  Its time to get back on it!

GOALS: Finish our master bedroom in January, organize our spare room in February, clean up our basement (cellar) to a usable state in March, and organize our storage room in the barn in April, or May depending on how cold it its! Write one blog post a week!

Other Random Goals that I didn't neatly categorize: I really want to get my pictures off my computer and into photo books.  I'd really like to get to the point where I'm organizing my pictures throughout the year and then making a big photo book at the end of every year.  That being said I have a lot of back work to do. Ideally I'd like to have books every year since we've had kids, that means I have to go back to 2012.

GOALS: Put 2012 photo book together during the 1st quarter of 2016, the 2013 photo book during the 2nd quarter, the 2014 book during the 3rd quarter, the 2015 book and hopefully by then I will have organized 2016 as well so I can do two books in the last quarter of the year!

I'm wincing with each goal I'm typing, now that I put it out there, I'm going to have to actually do it! I've tried to keep them pretty attainable, but they still are stretching! There are some other ideas brewing in my head but I'll leave it at that for now, I need to get to work!!  :)

Have you made any goals for 2016?  I'd love to hear about them if you have, comment below and let me know!

Here's to a better 2016!

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