Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dear Toby

This past week you turned one, Happy Birthday little man! I just wanted you to know that I absolutely adore you!  I love watching you walk/waddle around the house with your hands up in the air for balance, I love how you speed up when you see me and free fall into my legs or arms as soon as you are close enough, I love playing with those little curls you have on the back of your head, and kissing your cheeks and neck until you belly laugh, I love how you recline against me and cross your ankles when we give you a bottle, I love how you attack my face when you are tired and try to rub your face all over mine, I love that you think trash cans are the coolest thing, and how you constantly try to throw your toys away, I love how you SPLASH the water like it's your job when we give you a bath, I LOVE that little 4 tooth smile of yours, I love the face you make just after you've been hurt and you can't decide if you should cry, the one where you crinkle your nose and show all of your teeth, I love hearing you say HI!, and watching your floppy wave when you say goodby, I love they way you dance as soon as you hear music come on, I JUST LOVE YOU TOBY!  But probably my all time favorite thing you do, is when you lay your head on my shoulder and just hang out there! Sometimes I just stand by your crib and hold you for awhile before I put you down to sleep, soaking it up because I know someday you won't do that anymore. Don't grow up Toby!  ...I know you will, eventually, but even though you get bigger don't loose who you are, because the essence of you is 100% perfect!

<3 Mom

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