Friday, December 5, 2014

Toby : 5 months

Another month has flown by, can you believe it?  I absolutely love this time of year but life always seems to hit super-drive around the holidays. I'm just trying to savor it as much as I can!

Speaking of savoring as much as I can, how is it possible that Toby is 5 months old already?  I'm kind of glad that I've been doing these posts every month it forces me to stop and reflect, and yes, savor, the moments! :)

With having two babies so close together I thought I would have this process down and at least know what to expect.  This is true for many circumstances but I've been surprised about how much I've forgotten as well.  Most recently, actually just 30 minutes ago, as I was having a wrestling match with Toby just to get him in a new outfit after a not so nice diaper hoopla, I'll spare you the details, I caught myself thinking, man I really don't remember Piper being this difficult to change.  And then as soon as I had the thought, I did remember, and yes it probably was as bad.  So excited to move around and grab the next toy they can hardly lay still for a diaper change! So fun, but somewhat infuriating at the same time!

What else is Toby doing?
Well I've already alluded to the increase in mobility. He's still rolling but now its in sucession and most likely in the direction of a toy.

He is getting better at sitting up by himself!  I still have to watch him because he tips over but still his balance is much improved!

We started feeding him some oatmeal before bed, mostly hoping it will help him sleep through the night, which it has on some occasions just not consistently yet :(

The other night he went 12 hours between feedings, wasn't sleeping the entire time but i'll still count it!

And boy is he into grabbing things! Those little fat fists are quick too :)

Here's a couple more pictures of the little man, he is such a sweet boy!  Those big eyes get me everytime!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas if I don't post again before then, and this could very possibly be the case!


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