Thursday, October 2, 2014

Toby's first 3 months

You can definitely tell this is my second child!  With Piper I was totally up on things...doing posts once a month, with Toby he's already 3 and a half months old and I'm just now sitting down to do a post!  Better late than never right?!  At least I took pictures at the right time. :)

Wow, so this past three months has seemed like the longest three months of my life, but then as I think back it does seem like its gone relatively quickly as well.  For the first 6 weeks, Toby was just not very happy.  He would cry for the majority of the time he was awake, and often it was a really mad cry one that we couldn't figure out how to stop until he just fell asleep. For those of you who've had a colicky baby you can totally understand, but its one of the most frustrating and helpless feelings you can have.  He also did not enjoy being in the car.  Most car rides he would just scream the entire time. Needless to say we just didn't go away much those first 6 weeks. It seemed like it would last forever, but I just kept telling myself, he'll grow out of it, and that's really the only thing that kept me going some days.

At the 6 week mark he started smiling and from then on out things started getting better and better.  He would still have his moments of all out crying but they were getting less and less.  By the 2 month mark things were much better, crying bouts were few and far between and he was becoming a much more happy and pleasant baby!  He really has such a sweet spirit about him and when he smiles it lights up his whole face, and the whole room!

It was 11 weeks when I first heard him laugh. Often times he'll laugh the most when he is tired.  You can just be talking to him and all of a sudden he just busts out laughing.  Melts my heart every time! He loves cooing and talking. He gives such big smiles... he'll pull his head back so he has a double chin and then give the biggest grin.  I've been trying to catch a picture of this but he gets distracted by my camera when I try :(

At 3 months he's like a whole new baby!  Such a happy little man. We are finally into a schedule which really makes a world of difference.  I am still working on some sleep training during the day, but other than that he really is doing so well. Just earlier this week he rolled over for the first time, from stomach to back, he looked so surprised it was hilarious. He has also found his hands and can now grab my fingers if I hold them in front of his face.  Piper is also starting to want to interact with him more.  She will ask to hold him occasionally, and will get down on the floor and play with him sometimes too.  Can't wait til they can run around together!  They are going to be best buds.

Well... the kids are waking up from their naps so its time to go.  I'm hoping to get back into blogging regularly now that things are getting back on schedule.  There are definitely some things coming up that I'm excited about! Hopefully you'll hear from me again soon!


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