Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Farmhouse Update & Pictures!

I'm back!  It's been over a month since we've moved and its way past time to do an update for you all!  We absolutely LOVE being on the farm.  I can't even put words to it.  I honestly thought a little part of me would miss living in the city, but that is definitely not the case! Ever since we've moved I've been sleeping so much better, (so nice not getting woken up in the middle of the night from crazy people being loud and blaring music at the McDonald's drive-thru) I'm spending much more time outside which is glorious, and its actually fun to have people over now because we have the space to do it!

Let's face it though, we are still unpacking and while most of the main spaces are in decent shape they are of course no-where near what I picture in my head!  Mostly they are just lacking any sort of decoration or design...those items are still in boxes! Part of me wanted to come back and show you these perfect pictures, but in all honesty who knows how long it will be until my house is the way I picture it in my mind.  Silly me, thinking that I would have it all together the week after we moved in! ha  That of course is not reason to not show pictures though!  So here we go...

Before and after's of the living room/dining room and kitchen.  I'll get the rest of the pictures taken, just didn't have time to finish it all up in one shot. #toddlerliving

There are still some big changes to come.  The downstairs bathroom/laundry room (you can see the doors to it behind the dining room table in the first picture) is still incomplete.  We ran into some sewer issues and are waiting to get that fixed before finishing up that project.  I'm currently doing my laundry in the apartment that is attached to the house.  Not ideal, but definitely better than having to go to a laundry mat. I was hoping this project would be finished before the little man showed up but it looks like it will just be getting underway about the same time as my due date.  No worries though, we'll manage!  We are also still potentially putting in a new kitchen this summer just haven't gotten into any of those details yet either.  Part of me wonders if we are crazy trying to do all of this with a newborn and a toddler... 

All in all, life has been going well here on the farm.  We've definitely settled into a nice rhythm and its really been great.  Of course we will soon have to find a new rhythm as my due date is less than 3 weeks away... ahh.  Nope definitely not ready yet.  I think I've been mentally putting it on the back burner for so long to just deal with moving etc, that its just stayed back there and I just think it won't ever actually come! Within the last week though we've welcomed 2 new babies into the Gibbel family so that's kind of shook me out of my daze.  Time to get some baby prep going on! 

Until next time...

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  1. WOW! The house looks great!!! You guys did a TON of work. The kitchen is super cute. :)