Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One Year

And so its quickly come and gone and here I am with a one year old on my hands!  Even though its already been a couple weeks I still have a bit of shock when people ask me how old she is! haha

We decided to throw a little party for Piper...instead of inviting over a bunch of friends, we would stick with family.  So off went the invites, and back came the responses, everyone could come.  That meant we would have 33 people in our house for the party.  So our little party turned into a bigger party but I wouldn't have had it any different! We had a great time of food, fellowship, and celebration of Piper, and it didn't seem nearly as full as I thought it would!

Piper with Grandma and a birthday hat on. The only reason the hat is still on is because she couldn't figure out how to pull it off! :)

We just had Pipers one year wellness visit yesterday at the doctors.  She's just under the 50th percentile for height and weight.  She is 28.75" long and 19lbs 7oz. She's a healthy, active little girl, we couldn't have asked for any better.  She even took her shots like a trooper.  She cried when she got them but stopped as soon as it was done and has seemed her normal self all day!  I'm quite amazed!

A few short things about Piper at one year old:

She is currently wearing 12 month size clothing.  She is still fitting into 9 month onesies with no problem, and she is in size 3 shoes.

She does not enjoy having anything on her head!  Every now and then I will try and stick a little bow or something in her hair, and if I can get it in without her realizing its fine, but soon enough she will pull it out.  Her hair is at the point where its getting into her eyes so hopefully she will get over it soon enough that I can put something in her hair to pull it out of her face!
This girl can eat, and if you give her too much of her favorite foods she will pack her mouth full with as much as she can.  Scared me a few times already!

She is climbing up on top of anything she can get on. Today I found her on top of her activity table. With us starting to pack up our house for the move, she is having fun helping us unpack what we just packed as well as climbing all over our boxes. 

With her being taller now she can also reach things that she hadn't been able to before.  She'll stand on her tippy toes and grab at whatever she can get her hands on!

She now knows what a duck says :) It sounds something like "kak kak"

She figured out she can throw things in the trash can.  We brought down one we weren't using from upstairs and she will throw a bunch of her toys in it and then push it around the house.

Thanks for sticking with me on the monthly Piper updates.  I'm sure I'll post about her more in the future but it won't be as frequently.  Here is a compilation of her pictures from month to month.  Its amazing how much they change over the first year, and how many of the stages you forget about!

And just a few more one year old pictures to end out this post!  Thanks for reading!

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