Wednesday, November 20, 2013

:: 10 Months ::

This little girl has been such a blessing and a joy to us!  With each new month her personality is coming out more and more it is such a fun thing to watch and get to be a part of! This month I have literally seen her take new strides, that's right, she has started walking!  She still tends to revert to walking along furniture and crawling since that gets her places faster, if she's in the mood though she will let go and walk where ever it is she wants to go! 

Here's what else is new in Piper's world:

-She finally has two more teeth coming in.  The top front two have pushed past the surface and you can now see them when she gives those big smiles we have come to love!

-Speaking of smiles she has started doing the most adorable smile ever.  She scrunches up her nose and squints her eyes and gives a big wide smile!  Kills me every time!

-We've started her on finger food.  She still get mostly pureed baby food but usually we will throw in something for her to pick at,  chicken, or different cheeses, banana, crackers, cooked veggies, etc.  She is a great eater and especially loves when she can feed herself!

-Her repertoire of noises is definitely increasing.  She pulled out some new noises including a farting noise, and what aunt Rochelle describes as a purring noise.  She has also started making a "th" sound, and is really babbling a lot these days.

-She loves to carry things around in one hand as she walks around the house.  We've been getting a lot of mailers lately and those seem to be her favorite. She will also grab the occasional toy, book, or article of clothing to accompany her as well!

-She has figured out there are things behind doors.  She had previously figured this out with the kitchen cabinets, but now in the mornings when I bring her over to our room to play while I finish getting ready if I don't close the door completely she knows how to open it and that is usually the first thing she goes for.

-She has started mimicking what we are doing.  Mostly with noises.  If I make a noise she will repeat it.  Uncle Sam and aunt Rochelle have also taught her some tricks, namely how to go "crazy" which consists of her rolling her head around in all directions.  If you do that to her she will do it right back! We are still working on getting her to blow a kiss though, without much success.

- She has definitely started to get a little more clingy.  I've noticed this especially after her second nap she doesn't want to play right away like she used to.  If I put her down she is right back at my legs and crying for me to pick her up.  This makes cooking dinner somewhat interesting, lets just say I'm learning to do a lot of things one handed.  And I think Piper just likes to watch what I'm doing.

making the "farting" noise

model pose! :)

scrunchy nose smiley face

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  1. so cute! izzy does the scrunchy smile too. and he likes to wag his head all over the place. i love this stage :)