Wednesday, October 2, 2013

First Weekend Away

This past weekend I ventured to the beach with a bunch of friends for my first weekend away since having Piper! I was definitely a little nervous, more about Piper getting enough to eat than anything else (now that she doesn't take a bottle anymore). It was also Matt's first time watching her for that long of a period so it was a bunch of firsts for this family!  Just like usual I was worrying about nothing because it all went so well! I thought I would be so homesick for her as well, but it was really the perfect amount of time to be away.  I was definitely glad to see her when I got back but wasn't missing her overly much while there.

It was really great to get away with the girls and get is some much needed girl time! We left for the beach after work on Friday and came back Sunday afternoon.  We all stayed in one hotel room that had two beds, a pullout, and a little kitchen.  It was a little tight but we made the best of it!  It was like a big ol' sleep over!  It was cloudy and windy most of the day on Saturday but we spent a good portion of the day on the beach anyway, talking, reading, & painting our nails!

Except for going out Saturday night we made all of our meals in the room and ate on the beds :) Here's Jennifer and Renee cooking breakfast for us on Saturday!  And of course we all got dressed up to go out on Saturday and I took a whirl at curling my hair and it turned out pretty awesome! 

Jennifer, Aleesa, and I!

Such a fun weekend!  Of course any post isn't complete unless Piper is in it, so here are some pictures from her first beach trip at the end of August.  We were only on the beach for a little bit and we got her toes wet, but she wasn't to fond of it!

and just for kicks here was Piper on her first boat ride in Maine.  

Thats all for now!  Can you believe its October already?!  Time to bust out the fall decorations!


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