Tuesday, March 12, 2013

oh Joy!

Oh Piper, you are SO much fun to be around!  You turned 2 months old today and you are growing and changing every single day!

This past month you started smiling at me, and not just the I passed gas or I'm falling asleep smiles, you actually recognize my face and smile at me!  You smile at me in the mornings when I walk into your room. You give me a sleepy smile in the middle of the night when I'm attempting to change your diaper in the dark.   Sometimes I catch the end of a smile that you gave me while I wasn't even paying attention.  I absolutely love your smiles, they totally make my day, everyday!

Making noises has become your new job!  You work so hard at it. Sometimes you open your mouth so wide as if you are expecting something to come out, but it doesn't.  Other times out comes a really loud noise and you almost scare yourself.  My favorite by far are the little noises you make while staring at my face just before you fall asleep, it melts my heart!

Your dad and I laugh at you all the time.  You are such a curious little girl, always looking around and making faces!  You work yourself into some really uncomfortable positions because you always need to see whats going on behind you!  Because of this you really hate going to sleep.  You fight it like crazy.  I can tell when you are really tired only by the way you blink, those long heavy blinks followed by wide open eyes trying not to let them go closed! As soon as your eyes go shut you start squirming and crying until you get them back open.  This makes night time quite an ordeal until you eventually give in.  You still are incredibly cute even when you are crying.  I especially love your whining cry, where you haven't gotten mad yet but its a little past a whimper.  Your bottom lip comes out and I can see your toothless gums and that little tongue when you open your mouth!  Oh man, so cute!

The other day your dad was holding you while we were watching The Biggest Loser, all of a sudden I was startled by an extremely loud fart.  I jabbed Matt with my elbow and gave a disapproving "Matttt" as he started laughing uncontrollably saying "It wasn't me!"  I think I asked him a couple times just to make sure he wasn't lying, but alas, Piper your farts sound like they come from an adult male.   The funniest though are when you fart while you are sleeping and we can hear it the from across the house! 

You still have blue eyes and I sure hope you keep them, and that hair!!  There are no words to describe its awesomeness!  I thought by now it would start falling down, but no, it sticks strait up and couldn't be any cuter!  It is by far the thing most commented on by other people! The best is right after we give you a bath and its super soft and fuzzy, and it smells oh so good!  When you are in the sun your hair has a reddish tint to it, it looks like its a dark auburn color.  I absolutely love that!  Blue eyes with auburn hair, not sure I would've guessed that.

Last night was the first time you slept through the night, and by sleeping through the night I mean you fell asleep at 10 and I got out of bed to feed you at 6:50 the next morning!  HALLELUJAH!  That was awesome, please continue doing that!

Those furrowed eyebrows on pursed lips have become a favorite!  The wide open eyes and mouth also rank up there as well!

We love you so much Piper!  I'm so excited to see what this next month will bring!


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  1. this is awesome monica!!! what a sweetheart!