Thursday, July 5, 2012

Deep Creek

This past week we ventured to Deep Creek Lake located in western Maryland for a relaxing vacation with some of my friends from college.  We had such a great time!   The days were laid back and relaxing we didn't really have any specifics on the agenda other than hanging out by the water, riding the jet ski's, and exploring the surrounding area.  There was a great state park near by that had a nice little beach area that we visited a couple times.  We also ventured out on several long walks throughout the week to help my friend Jess reach her goal of walking/running 100 miles in June!  We ended the week by renting a boat for a half day and just soaking up the sun!  Here are a couple pics I captured during the week.  Enjoy!

Vaughn Walking with Savannah on our little pathway down to the dock

 Matt and I ventured into town the one morning and hit up a bunch of tourist shops

 Building a fort for Savannah

 Savannah is such a cutie!

 We spent a lot of time hanging out on the dock and feeding the ducks

 Vaughn and Micah on the ski's
Matt water skiing 

 The whole crew minus Marcus

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