Monday, February 15, 2016

Piper & Toby

These two... I just can't get enough of them!

A few weeks ago we got to celebrate Piper's 3rd birthday! Where did my baby girl go?!  Toby is not far behind either, his 2nd birthday is coming up fast, he's just a couple days shy of 20 months! I thought it was about time to do another update!  (ps... I finally decided to try and cut Toby's hair myself. I was pretty confident in my ability to cut hair, but not so confident in Toby's ability to let me give him a haircut. He wasn't really into it but I think it turned out pretty good regardless, don't you?)

Many evenings after the kids are in bed Matt and I talk about all the funny things the kids did and said during the day and just laugh!  They are just so amazing, and that word doesn't feel like it does them justice, there really isn't a right word that can completely encompass how awesome they are!

Piper is our little chatter box. She converses with ease these days and sometimes she sounds more like a 13 year old than a 3 year old.  She doesn't get every word right though, one of my favorites is when she says yesternight and yestermorning to try and talk about things that happened the previous day, or week. She continuously surprises me with how much she remembers and how long ago some of the things are that she references!

Piper loves to carry everything in plastic bags these days.  This almost always includes her Teddy, because Teddy goes everywhere with her.  There also tends to be a random assortment of toys accommodating teddy in the bag, or blocks, or all the puzzle pieces from every single puzzle she has!  We got her a backpack for her birthday to hopefully curb her enthusiasm with plastic bags, which it definitely did for a little while but I just caught her in the pantry again the other day swiping another plastic bag.

She role plays with Teddy a lot which is so cute to watch.  I'll catch her reading Teddy books, sometimes when I put Toby down for a nap, she will put Teddy down for a nap too.  If Toby takes Teddy (which happens about once an hour) when she gets him back she will console him and say something like, it's ok Teddy you don't have to cry.

Her favorite show is Clifford, that's pretty much the only thing we watch at our house  Toby also enjoys "clipberd"!

Toby is learning to talk really quickly.  He is repeating everything we say, his little voice is so cute, I could listen to him talk all day! Just this past week he started asking "Whats that called"  or "Whats this" about everything he sees!

Toby is my little helper, he loves putting stuff back!  I'll get something out and he'll immediately ask to put it back.  He especially loves when he can throw things in the trash. He also likes helping me load and unload the laundry, and sweeping the floor. We got this little kids size broom except he brushes it against the bristles leaving more mess than he cleans because they are all starting to fall out!

He's very smart and knows how to push Piper's buttons! This usually entails taking Piper's Teddy or pillow which she is very protective of.  I'm trying to work with them to not just stand there screaming at each other when this happens, but it feels like we have made very little progress in this department :(  He also likes to tackle Piper, its always a toss up how she will respond, sometimes she loves it, sometimes she hates it!

This boy is super athletic, his kicking and throwing skills are quite remarkable. He also has a love for coffee which is oddly hilarious. He knows and points out coffee makers everywhere we go, we don't typically let him drink it, although he has had a few tastes and seems to like it!

Toby finally figured out how to give real kisses, (not the slobbery open mouth kisses) and it is hands down my favorite thing in the world!  I ask him for kisses all the time and he always obliges, I hope he doesn't get sick of it anytime soon because they are just so precious!

To get to be at home with these kiddos everyday is such a blessing!  I have the best coworkers in the world! :)  If you want to see more pictures of the kids make sure to follow me on Instagram @mgibbel.


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  1. Ahhh.... I can't handle the cuteness!!! Love, LOVE your posts. Always a joy to read �� - Jennifer