Friday, April 10, 2015

Toby update! (8-9months)

Gosh this little man is growing fast! Can't believe he's already 9 months, well almost 10 actually! I figured I better quick get caught up before he turns 10 months old, only 9 days to spare!  Note to self: when you are waiting for your baby to get over a cold to take pictures so he doesn't have snot hanging out his nose, don't, just take the pictures! I think I've been waiting 2 weeks, and I'm pretty sure he just picked up one cold after the other... it's never ending snot at our house these days!

Well, I feel like a lot has happened since I last posted.  Toby has been a busy man!  He is cruising all over the house, I call him my little speed crawler.  I guess he kinda has to be fast though in order to keep up with Piper.  She doesn't always seem to appreciate the attention!  He's pulling himself up and walking around furniture.  We have a little walking toy that he pushes around the house too!  If I let go of him he will stand by himself for a couple seconds. Climbing stairs is one of his favorite pastimes so we finally got a gate so I don't have to worry about it! We had been using kitchen chairs but when he pulled one down on himself we decided it was time get a gate!

 He finally has two little teeth poking through on the bottom!  I haven't checked but I thought I saw a third one coming through today.  He's been eating table food along with baby food, although we keep the bites really small, he seems to choke on everything still.

If there is a toy that moves or makes a loud noise, you can pretty much bet that's what he's going for.  Also if Piper is playing with a toy that also makes it the most desirable object in the house. Lets just say we've been talking a lot about sharing these days and how its not nice to kick, hit, or push over your little brother.  *sigh* I get exhausted just thinking about it...

I so enjoy this stage!  Toby is so much more cuddly than Piper was at this age which melts my heart. He's got this cheesy smile that is just too much to handle, and he is super ticklish which is fun! He's a solid little guy, weighs 20lbs, but I just love squeezing his little body. 

Oh, he's knows what the word no is too!  Probably because I'm saying it all the time between the two of them getting into stuff!  If I'm saying it to him though, he just looks at me with those big blue eyes and then smiles and shakes his head! So cute :)

Oh, Toby, we love you so much little man! 

Here's some more pictures to enjoy!

These two are blurry cause he just crawls too fast and loves to grab my camera, but they are two of his signature faces!  I couldn't not post them :)

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