Wednesday, April 21, 2010

India Pictures

Two posts in one day!  Not bad.  Actually when I posted this morning I realized I hadn't posted my pictures from India yet.  (I made a photo album already, but didn't post... very rare!  its usually the other way around!)

So here are a few of my favorite pictures, you can see the rest of the album once its posted on facebook.

This is Matt and I in a rickshaw (sp?)  Never experienced anything like it before, probably mostly had to do with how crazy their traffic was!

This is Barry and Cheryl :)

These were some of the kids Matt and I had the privelege of teaching during the first conference!  In the back is Chetan who translated for us, and Sapna, on the rigth side, helped out as well.

These were some of the women at the conference that wanted to get a picture with me the last day.

This is Chad and Joanne, they joined us for the second conference in Chittoor, they were a lot of fun to hang out with!

This is Mohan, he was the one that coordinated the conferences, he has a network of over 800 churches in Andhra Pradesh.  He wanted me to draw a picture of him with a six pack, so I said I needed a picture of him flexing to work from :)

At the beginning of each conference they would do a short ceremony where they would give us these flower wreaths.  This one just happened to be the day after our 10 month anniversary and they insisted on singing us a song and celebrating!  It was fun!

This was the roof of the hotel we stayed at in Chittoor, they had a restaurant on top that we ate lunch at each day!  It was a pretty cool place!

This was an amazing fruit/icecream medley we ate at the restaurant on the roof!  It was really good.  They use buffalo milk instead of cows milk and its extra creamy!

This was at Mohan and Rani's house in Hyderabad, she gave us each a Sari.  In this picture she was showing me how to put it on.  They said that I looked like one of the India politicians!

This is one of my favorite pictures, it was on our flight from Hyderabad to Mumbai, the clouds were so cool!

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