Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun Things! :)

So TWO new things that have come up recently, that I am SO excited about! 

1.  This past week I started some classes at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, which is located maybe 5 minutes from my house, right the the heart of Lancaster.  They are just continuing education classes so I'm not going for a degree or anything :)  I'm taking two one time classes, just 6-9 on Tuesday nights.  The one I already had this past Tuesday learning how to make earrings!  It was a ton of fun and now I find myself scrutinizing every piece of jewelry I own!  The other one, next Tuesday night, is learning how to make Necklaces :)  So fun!  I'll have to post some pics of some of the stuff I made. 

I'm also taking a longer class, held every Sat for five weeks from 9-3:30 (so long! but still fun) on Pattern Making!  I'm really excited to be able to learn how to make my own customized clothing... I would love to maybe turn it into a business somewhere down the road but thats still a long way off!

2.  This past week Barry, our pastor, emailed Matt and I wondering if we would like to go on a trip to India with him!!!  YESS!!  We were pretty excited, but gave ourselves a couple days to get over the excitement and think logically before giving him our official Yes!   Along with Barry and Cheryl, there is one other couple from our church that will be going as well.   It's for two weeks (March 7-22).  Barry will being doing a pastors conferences in a couple different cities, and we will be along for fun!  We will obviously be going to the meetings and helping out where we can but we will also be able to see a lot of India! 

So those are my two things! :)  I thought life might be slowing down... but that doesn't look like its going to happen for a long time!  But who am I kidding it's keeping me stepping and I'm having a ton of fun!

Oh, and ps.  if any of you would like to buy and jewelry off of me I would Love to make something for you so message me and let me know!  :)   (that way I don't start accumulating massive amounts of jewelry... cause thats probably whats going to happen! haha) 

Until next time....

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