Friday, September 18, 2009

Our House!

Finally! I promised I would get around to posting about the house and here it is. First of all I would like to say that yes, we finally do own this house! wohooo!!!! We settled this past Wednesday night after living here for a few days over four months! This house really is a blessing, i'll give you a little background just to get you up to speed.

We were originally looking to just rent a place, Matt and I decided we didn't want to buy a house quite yet. We had started looking in February and weren't really finding anything, and after talking to both our dads decided that buying a house should be an option. So with that in mind we started looking at both. Then in March a friend of John's (Matts dad), bought a house in Lancaster that he was just going to flip and John had told him about us and he said he would consider selling it to us. So we set up a time to go see the place. It was definitely a fixer upper, the guy he had bought it from lived in it most of his life, however it had been sitting vacant for the last 20 years because he had moved out with his girlfriend who lived across the street. We heard stories about the mounds of stuff he had just stored in the house. SO... Matt and I are both not easily swayed by outward appearance, which is good cause it wasn't that appealing. It had a lot of potential and thats what we both really liked about it. We ended up deciding to take it. John ended up transferring it over to his name to save us from having to pay transfer taxes later and voila! we had a house! John's friend was a personal contracter so part of the deal with buying the house was that we would hire him to do all the work on it... and work he did! We basically got a new house for the same price we would've payed for another fixer upper in another part of town.

The house has all hardwood floors (I'm in love with them!) so they sanded and refinished them. The whole inside of the house got a fresh coat of paint. They put in all new windows, and the electrical and plumbing were out of code so they redid all of that as well. We thought we could get away with the furnace that was in the house but it ended up that couldn't happen so we have a new furnace as well. They also put in a whole new kitchen (except for the fridge which came with the house) And they tore down the wall that was inbetween the kitchen and dining room to give us a little more room for a kitchen (it was non-existent before). Not to mention they tore out the insanity of bushes and shrubs and washline poles that occupied the front and back yard, and opened up the back yard so they could put in some off street parking.
.... basically a whole new house! And it was so fun because we got to pick everything out! not bad for a first house eh?

We truly feel blessed!!!! God is so good!! We put close to $50,000 into the house and still had a great price on the other side! Mark (the guy we bought it from) really passed on a deal and we are so grateful for all the work he and his crew put into it! WOW! It still gets me everytime I think about it!

I have all the pics old and new posted on facebook so check them out HERE

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